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Denmark Grand Chapitre
23-24 August 2019

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Bailliage de Danemark, welcomes you to
Grand Chapitre 2019.

It will take place on the ‘Sunshine Island’ of Bornholm, a small island located remotely in the Baltic Sea, some 100 km south of Sweden. Due to its geographical location with cold winters and long warm summers, this scenic and sunny island has become home to a vibrant gastronomic scene.

 Some of Denmark's most acclaimed local producers of meat, produce, distillates and dairy products is recognized internationally and is must-try when visiting this remote island.

A new generation of talented chefs has put Bornholm and its local produced products on the gastronomical map, and today Bornholm can boast of, among others, a Michelin star restaurant and several Bib gourmand restaurants, according to the Michelin Guide.

The program of the Chapitre includes two culinary sightseeing tours, visiting some key gastronomical locations on the island; a traditional smokehouse, an oil mill, a butcher, local brewery, Farmers market hall and local farmhouse shop.

The Welcome Dinner on Friday has been specially arranged to take place at the award-winning old traditional Inn "Christianshøjkroen".

The Induction Ceremony on Saturday will – very exceptionally – take place inside the famous Round Church of Østerlars, dating back to 1160, even before the origin of La Chaîne.

The Grand Dinner on Saturday will take place at Restaurant Pony at Nordlandet, a beautiful location amongst the cliffs facing the vast Baltic Sea. The resident Chef de Cuisine, Anne Bruun Jessen. is a high profile award winning female chef, and the hotel & restaurant is owned and operated by the same people of the Michelin restaurants Kadeau Bornholm (one star) and Kadeau Copenhagen (two stars).


Download the entire program below.