Chaîne Dine-around


The current assembly ban on groups larger than 10, along with the mandated closing time of 22:00, has put the entire restaurant industry in dire straits. Most, if not all, restaurants are loosing money, and it is unclear when it will get better.
At present, Chaîne cannot arrange our usual gatherings, but we can dine out with family and close friends!

Chaîne hereby launches a support initiative - Chaîne Dine-around - for our associated, participating restaurants:

       1. Select a participating restaurant
       2. Book seats on-line via restaurant's website, mrk. 'Chaine'

       3. Enjoy the luscious menus at discounted prices

Participating restaurants


Our common goal is for our restaurant friends, colleagues, brothers and sisters of La Chaîne to get through these hard times. Let us all make an effort and support them by dining out! Why not try them all?

Restaurant Green Room, Copenhagen
Host:             F&B Mgr. Christopher Nytofte
Menu:           3-course evening menu w/3 wines, water and coffee (Monday - Saturday)
Price:             kr. 600,-



Restaurant Kronborg, Copenhagen
Host:             Maître Restaurateur Claes Petersen
Menu:           Den Store Julefrokost (Christmas Lunch) with choice of 2 large on-tap beers plus 2 aquavits
Price:             kr. 599,-

Restaurant Kanalen, Copenhagen
Host:              Maître Restaurateur  Anders Houmann

                    "Vi vil opfordre jer til at muntre jer med gode måltider og passende vine med dem i elsker

                     og dem i ikke kan undvære. Det sker fra dags dato og til juleaften, hvor Restaurant Kanalen

                     har et særligt tilbud."

Menu:             4-courses evening menu w/wine
Price:              kr. 750,-

Restaurant Deligreco, Frederiksberg
Host:               Maître Rôtisseur Theodore Tsigkas
Menu:             Chef's 8-course menu w/4 wines

See also Chef's offer HERE

Price:              kr. 600,-

Restaurant No. 2, Copenhagen
Host:               Echanson Christian Aarø
Menu 1:           Champagne, 4-courses w/wine, water
Menu 2:          Tasting menu 6-courses w/wine, water
Price:               Menu 1 kr. 800,-
                        Menu 2 kr. 1.100,-

Restaurant Trio, Copenhagen
Host:                Echanson Christian Aarø
Menu 1:            3-courses – entré, Beef Wellington, dessert, incl. glass Champagne (Tuesday to Thursday)
Menu 2:           Tasting menu – 9-courses w/5 wines
Price:               Menu 1: kr. 450,-
                        Menu 2: kr. 1.100,-

Restaurant AOC, Copenhagen
Host:                Echanson Christian Aarø
Menu:              Tasting menu
Price:                kr. 1.800,- (excl. wine)

Restaurant á terre, Copenhagen
Host:                Maître Rôtisseur Yves Le Lay
Menu 1:            5-courses w/wine
Menu 2:           7-courses w/wine
Price:               Menu 1 kr. 1.600,-
                        Menu 2 kr. 2.000,-


Restaurant Ditlev, Kolding

Host:                Maître Restaurateur Rasmus Vemmelund and Maître Rôtisseur Lasse Petersen

Menu:              Full Experience - 3 snacks/6 courses/3 sweets with aperitif, wines and coffee

Price:               kr. 1.400,- (Tuesday to Thursday)

                        kr. 1.450,- (weekend)


La Dauphine, Århus
Host:                 Restaurateur and Chef de la Cuisine Nicolai Bech

Menu 1:             4-courses w/wine (Tuesday - Thursday)
Menu 2:            Menu Carte Blanche - Amuse w/champagne, 6-courses w/wine, coffee w/petit fours
Price:                 Menu 1 kr. 550,-
                          Menu 2 kr. 1.000,-